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NZ Income Taxes & Compulsory ACC Levies

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 05:37 PM

We pay both compulsory income taxes and compulsory ACC Levies here in New Zealand.


Why are there so many Injured New Zealanders receiving weekly financial assistance from Work and Income NZ and not from the ACC?


If you are unable to work because of an injury, ACC are supposed to be assisting you until return to work, not WINZ!


As operating cost for Social Development/WINZ (various benefits etc) goes up year after year, paid for by the Income Tax Payer, the ACC's client rehabilitation costs etc decrease and their bank account balance increases, by another billion or two!


Will your Political Party investigate the ACC and all their so-called contractual "independent" service provider network ie specialists etc


If your party becomes the next elected government, or part of a coalition government will all compulsory ACC Levy payers in New Zealand expect the ACC to be investigated for fraud against all New Zealand ACC Levy Payers, and against the NZ Income Tax Payer!


I direct the above questions to all new and existing New Zealand Political Parties for a response.

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#2 Grumpy



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Posted 18 May 2017 - 06:15 PM

NZ Income Taxpayers ARE ALSO NZ ACC Levy Payers  


I support your call to have ACC investigated for fraud against us NZ ACC Levy Payers who are also NZ Income Taxpayers!


If I can remember right, quite a few years ago, an outfit called Aon and another called catalyst provided ACC a contractual case management service and were each allocated 2000 Long Term ACC Claimants files to "better" manage!


Originally the National Party and ACC awarded contracts to four companies. 1998 -1999


Then lost elections 1998 or was it 1999 - Labour got in.


In year 2000 the then Deputy PM Micheal Cullen ordered ACC to get all the files back and manage them themselves.


Why was AON NZ Ltd (WorkAon - AON Risk etc) and Catalyst Injury Management Ltd (at the time owned by ACC) still involved, still have ACC (long term) claimants files in their position in 2002?


Why were they both still managing ACC Long Term Claimants in 2002 and 2003 when Cullen told ACC to stop the scam and get the files back?


Around 2002 - 2003 upto 1700, or was it 17000, which ever,  ACC claimants had been exited off ACC .... most ending up on a WINZ Benefit!


How much were AON and Catalyst paid by the ACC for each successful/predetermined/cleverly engineered exit?


This scam also needs to be included in any official investigation against the ACC!

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