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Wasted My Life Trusting Acc

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Posted 25 January 2017 - 08:57 AM

In 1992 I suffered a back injury while at work.


In 2000 my Back Injury file was transfered to WorkAON (AON NZ Ltd) a Contracted Case Management Service Provider to the ACC.


In 2002 Val Jamieson (Catalyst Branch Manager) and Robert Percival (Catalyst Branch Medical Advisor) decided that I was fit to work 30 or 35 hours per week.


Ms Val Jamieson was not a very honest lady while she was with the ACC and Catalyst etc.


And then there was Dr Robert Percival, the Branch Medical Advisor .... to WorkAON ... to Catalyst ..... to the LTCU .... to the ACC .... all at the same time! Total control!


Weekly ACC ERC and Rehabilitation etc ceased late 2002.


My GP issued a WINZ (work and income nz) Medical Certificate stating I could not work due to a back injury,


It is now 2017 and I am getting help from WINZ for a work related injury that was, and still should be, the responsibility of the ACC, NOT the New Zealand Income Tax Payer!


We have to pay compulsory ACC levies


We also pay other taxes which covers things like MP's wages and perks, and funds the ever increasing expenditure/budget of WINZ.


My question is - Why are Ministers of Parliament just sitting back and allowing the ACC to screw every man woman and child in this country?


ACC have billions of our compulsory ACC levy funds dollars sitting in their (ACC's) savings account earning interest and gathering dust meanwhile more and more of our Income taxes are being directed to WINZ and other welfare agencies to assist beneficiaries .... Why are none of our Politicians standing up and asking the questions about ACC, AON, Catalyst etc?


Are you all too gutless to speak up for the people that are paying your wages and providing the funds that pay for all your perks etc?


We all pay compulsory ACC levies in case we are injured and unable to work.


We are NOT getting what we were promised and paying compulsory levies for!


Taxes are Taxes and Levies are Levies!


MP Ruth Dyson - it was a total waste of time ever contacting this MP when she was the Minister for ACC!


MP Louise Upston - Mention the name "AON" and she turns her back on you and runs for the hills!


How many of you current MP's that still have a Tax payer funded job are willing to start working for us for a change instead of yourselves and start directing your attention to ACC and its ever lengthening Gravy Train carriages?

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I have many issues with the way AON, Catalyst and ACC managed my 1992 lower back injury claim between 2000 and 2002.

Not only did Leanne MacDonnell & Dr Robert Percival interfere with the assessment process, they wrote lies about me in my files.

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Posted 25 January 2017 - 06:44 PM

hi blurb,had a similar history to you with acc and it was catalyst that i had the misfortune to be involved with after acc central chch transferred my file to them,they were out at papanui by the roundabout in chch,they too ceased my weekly ERC and one bit of advice a case manager told me there was if i won my review(which i did) they would keep coming after me again and again until i had enough of the process,she was leaving catalyst to go overseas,they were heavy hiters whose sole object was to cease the weekly ERC of claimants,it was where i first heard the saying"low hanging fruit"which as we know is acc jargon for picking off the long termers.good luck with your fight. 

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