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A Travisty Of Justice

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Posted 05 December 2016 - 06:29 PM

Letter to all Members of Parliament/pp/all newapaper editors/Human rights commission/Geneva/ Chief executive officerAcc/ Dr John Monigati/and Dr Greg Finucane


Saturday 18th May 2002 dawned bright sunny and warm.

By 10am there was going to be a horrific accident on HW 27 and a teenager would be dead and a truck driver would survive but may as well have died

The truck drivers life had been wrecked beyond belief.{ Coroner’s words }

It is now 2015 And the truck driver still feels as though the teen is sitting on his shoulder.

He had physical injuries as well as mental injuries as a result of having to battle to save his own life.
He also accomplished an unprecedented feat of having an horrific accident and been told that he had not had an accident at all?!!!! 
The first health professional that he seen was a Dr and this Dr told him that he will have to pay the full cost of the visit because Acc would not recognise your injuries.
I had always thought that Acc were 24/7 no fault, at least that is what their advertising always says.
But I quickly learnt that Acc do not lose any sleep over discriminating against people, in fact some of their staff are experts at it.
I now had to contend with an Acc Corporation that is corrupt to the core. A 2001 change to the Acc Legalisation that took effect on the first of April 2002 just 6 weeks before my accident allowed them to discriminate against me and others.
{ I will always believe that the changes that were bulldozed through Parliament by
power mad  Birch were illegal because there was not an honest majority and there were lies told in Parliament during it’s passage.}
So my interpretation of the Bill that was passed in March 2001 is that it was a piece of shit ,and that all Members of Parliament that helped to pass this piece of shit should be ashamed to call themselves a human being. My own personal belief is the Governor General should have had the balls to refuse the consent but I have since found out the GG’s job is just a rubber stamp job.
  But a very dedicated advocate and his friends plus myself put pressure on the Government to change this discriminatory law and in 2008 the Labour Government and their Acc Minister Maryann Street changed the law and fixed the anomaly.
However after a long and dedicated effort to get justice I have been beaten back by an insensitive employer, in the first instance.
And a corrupt Acc along with their corrupt Dr’s and 2 bit lawyers. Also their corrupt reviewers

Review  No 44052

The review decision was not based on the mountain of medical evidence that was presented on my behalf.

In fact all of the medical evidence was discarded in favour of the DSM-IV that was mentioned by the 2 Corporation Dr’s This is a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in America.

For the record the reviewer found that I did not have an accident as defined and that what I had was an unpleasant experience.
3 of the Dr’s on my side had 120 years experience in their field of expertise and John Monigati for acc has none but John Monigati was able to rubbish their evidence ?
The 2 Dr’s and the reviewer for the corporation totally disregarded a mountain of evidence presented on my behalf  and made a finding based on the dsm-iv manual instead .
Acc are allowed to use non treating Dr’s to write reports that will disentitle vulnerable people, without any regard to the treating Dr’s notes and comments. In my case the treating Dr was a consultant with 30 years experience in his field of expertise ,and he was overridden by 2 low life claytons dr’s with no expertise in the field they were making a judgment on.
 I find it bloody disgusting that this is allowed to happen. THE Acc law is a piece of shit in the truest sense of the word. A drunk driver has more rights than I do!!
Bruce Gardiner  264 Borman rd Hamilton 3210    ph 078545539/0272455674
264 Borman rd
Hamilton 3210





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