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Acc / Aon Currupt Dr's

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Posted 05 December 2016 - 01:17 PM

letter to all members of Parliament


Bruce Gardiner

264 Borman rd Hamilton

3210     ph 078545539    0272455674.

I am writing to ask that Parliament take a look at the practice of Acc and Aon  using non treating Dr’s to write reports that are favourable to the corporation.

In the past I have complained about this practise and have been told that there are very strict protocols and that the non treating Dr’s must take note of the treating Dr’s records and comment’s.

In reality this is not the case .

These non treating Dr’s are so far removed from reality that they no longer have the patient’s health and wellbeing in their thoughts

They have been bought and paid for by Acc and that is reflected in their reports.

Just to refresh you people about my case, I was involved in a serious accident that resulted in the death of a teenager.

The first Dr that I seen after the accident made me pay the full consultation cost, he said that acc would not cover your accident.

To me this was and always will be a catastrophic accident as I was very close to losing my own life .

2 low life non treating Dr’s have put in their reports to Acc that I did not have an accident as defined and I did not have an injury as defined.

The reviewer has made a finding that he is not qualified to make, in fact I doubt that even the village idiot could come up with the same finding.

I believe that the practise of using non treating Dr’s has to stop as it is repugnant to natural justice.

I also believe that when these non treating Dr’s write reports that are not in the best interest of the patients they are breaching the Hippocratic Oath that they took when they became a Dr.

I also believe that I have good grounds to sue Acc for no cover.

John Monigati and Greg Finucane  are the 2 corrupt dr’s that were involved I have no doubt there are others.




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