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Is Acc The Most Corrupt Insurance Corperation Of All Time

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Posted 01 December 2016 - 10:39 AM

The key to the 4 hearts

Each 1 represents the 4 separate events within the main incident and the 4 different sizes indicates the escalating stress and release of   adrenalin and

Cortisol .




Bruce Gardiner .

264 Borman rd Hamilton 3210

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Is the Acc Corporation one of the most corrupt Insurance companies of all time?

Below is a brief history of my accident.

On the 18th May 2002 at 10am I was driving a milk tanker on state highway 27 Patetonga.

I seen a  man standing on the side of the road watching the traffic go by.

As I got closer the man changed his stance to that of a runner about to take off in a race

Because of this unusual stance I looked at him and he looked directly into my eyes.

I got the impression that he was judging time and distance.

At the same time all of the hair on the back of my neck stood up on end and my blood ran cold my heart was racing

and my lower back was pounding.

I had just realized that the man was going to commit suicide so I swerved my truck to go around him.

And then there was a bang like what I have never heard before and the cold that I felt seconds earlier seems to be worse and my lower back was pounding even harder than  few seconds before .The bang was like 3 of 4 bangs at once.

I now had a battle to save myself from a roll over because I had swerved my trailer was going to punish me by rolling my truck.

The pounding in my lower back was now like a jackhammer but I managed to remain focus and regain control of my truck and bring it to a stop.

The pounding in my back was extreme and I could not feel my legs they felt like rubber.

This all took place over a matter of seconds and I believe that in that short time I would have had 3 or 4 releases of Adrenalin and Cortisol

Since going through this nightmare I have lost all enjoyment in life as I used to know it.

I have had flashbacks and nightmare’s and wakeup in the night crying .

During the accident the radio telephone came out of it’s cradle and hit me in the chest and on the head.

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was told that I should not drive for a living anymore.

So I thought that Acc would come to the party and help after all they are 24/7 no fault right !!!!  wrong !!!!!! .

Acc have been total arse wipes from day one.

AT a review hearing I had medical reports written by 4 Neuropsychiatrist’s one of these psychiatrists had the title of professor and the 4 had a collective experience in the field of mental health of over 120 years.

Acc on the other hand had one Dr with no experience in mental health and one psychiatrist with limited experience in mental health. This is obvious  by comments in his report

Let’s look at what the 2 Corporation Dr’s had to say.

Dr Greg Finucane  Mr. Gardiner’s PTSD was not caused by an accident it was caused by experiences shortly before impact and possibly from experiences shortly after impact he has not said why that would be the case..

He also states that the DSM-IV says that to get a diagnoses of PTSD the event had to be accompanied by intense fear helplessness or horror. As I was the person at the controls of the truck I can say that the whole 3 of those were present in abundance. Any suggestion that they were not by Greg Finucane is a finding that could only have come from the village idiot, however in Greg’s defense he has expressed his own personal view that PTSD is a physical injury.

So let’s now have a look at what Dr John Monigati had to say.

Mr Gardiners PTSD was caused buy the unpleasant emotional experience he went through on 18th of May 2002 That is the one to be preferred.

However Dr Monigati has also expressed the view .I think it reasonable to accept that his chest contusion although not serious was sustained in a life threatening event..

Sadly I have to put Dr Monigati in the ranks of village idot as well as Grege Finucane and also the reviewer R M Carter.I find it impossible that 3 people can come to the same answer unless there has been collusion between the 3 .

They have all said PTSD not the result of the accident  because the accident was not an accident as defined by section 25 of the acct What a load of bullshit

That there was no fear helplessness or horror in this event.

And that my PTSD was caused before impact .another  a load of bullshit .

So there was no connection between tha accident and my PTSD.

Can I ask this, if I had seen the boy and was able to avoid the impact and subsequent loss of control and fear for my own life would I still have got PTSD ?!!!

It is blatantly obvious that the 2 low life Dr’s and the reviewer got together after the hearing and that the  3 individuals are to close to the pockets of Acc to have come up with any other findings.

Acc wrote to my Dr and asked him to make a diagnosis based  on the DSM-IV.,a Dr should only make a diagnosis based on his medical knowledge. Not on a half baked manual from America that is aligned to American Law.

There is research from the four corners of the earth that PTSD is a physical injury in the brain, Acc’s own Dr”s express that privately .

The reason the DSM manual has PTSD classified as a disorder is because if it was classified as an injury then the suing industry in America would have the mother of all field days.

To close I do not accept that I was not involved in an accident on that day in 2002, I also do not accept that that accident and physical injures  did not cause my life to end as I used to know it at 10am on that day.

I cannot believe that a drunk driver has more right’s than I do.

If section 25  26 and 27 can be used against me then I would have to say the 2002 Acc acct is a piece of shit .

Regards Bruce Gardiner

Ph 078545539     0272455674

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