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My Story

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Posted 22 December 2015 - 08:08 PM

Hi all DarGem here. This is my story about my dealings with ACC. I can assure you all it is not a good story whatsoever. Anyway it goes like this. In 1992 i was granted cover from Acc for a sensitive claim, then after that i lodged multiple claims with acc which were accepted & not accepted. After ACC change the assessment process for Independence allowance from FLP questionaire to AMA guidelines. I felt uncomfortable & uneasy. Acc have a reputation for sending claimants like me to their so called QUACKS for the answers they want. Bugger the claimant. After the bastards went to court in 2002 & cut my payments off on the wrong knee. The wankers have never accepted responsibility why you might ask. Because a dumb F**k legal services manager named Mike Mercier supplied flawed grounds for appeal to the district court & got away with lying to an incompetent judge whose name i won't reveal because he is no longer on this planet. In 2003 i told acc that i was not having anymore assessments. They said to me why. I told them straight to the point. That they literally got away with perjury. They told me to go to this assessment. I said why the F**k should i go & see your dumb F**k quacks when i was not receiving the independence allowance. They said if i didn't go they would decline me for non compliance. I said issue the decision letter then & i will see you all at review. Well they backed right off. Then in 2006 I told them that i have had enough of there bullying. I don't feel safe, comfortable working with acc anymore as well. I have had so many assessments, reviews, appeals. It is about time acc started taking no for answer from a claimant. Anyway as i have always said i will not & never will trust acc with my personal information after the privacy breach & i will never have confidence with acc anymore.

Take care & have a wonderful christmas.

Can't wait to be happily married to my fiancee from the Philippines as well.

Kind Regards


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Posted 26 December 2015 - 08:11 PM

Hi all DarGem here. Hope you all had a great christmas. Anyway here is my story with my dealings with acc.

1992 sensitive claim lodged & accepted. Assessed at 69% whole person impairment using FLP questionaire.

Next 2 assessments resulted in an increase to 100% in 1994, 1995.

March 1995 left knee claim lodged & accepted. 

No assessments in 1996,1997, 1998.

July 5 1999 assessed at 9% whole person impairment using ama guides. 

Unsuccessful at review & appeal

2000 assessed at 7% whole person impairment using ama guides.

Successful at review.

2001 assessed at 8% using ama guides. A complete waste of time that was.

2002 Successful at review because i got a report from an orthopaedic specialist in Palmerston North who assessed me at 5% when combined with my sensitive claim is 10%

Successful at review.

Acc appealed the decision & cut the payments off on the wrong knee & yet they won't even accept the fact that they lied to the judge at the time.

2003 no assessment

2004 assessed at 8% 

Unsuccessful at review

2005 No assessment.

2006 assessed at 8% but assessment revoked because the assessor was not registered at the time.

2007 Assessed at 10% after new assessment.

Unsuccessful at review & appeal.

I do want to point from the review decision of 2002 where the reviewer made this comment & i will quote that part of his decision.

" I note that a considerable amount of money has been invested in the legal pursuit of whether or not Mr Pearce has an entitlement to an independence allowance. It seems fairly clear that if i quashed & directed; even if a second orthopaedic surgeon supported Mr Brown's assessment of 3% it is highly likely that an appeal to the district court would result in Mr Grayson's opinion been accepted". 

2008-2015 No assessments. But i do note 2 further decisions in relation to the 14 quarters i am owed from ACC 

Both reviews were unsuccessful & an appeal was also unsuccessful.

Dealing with acc for me is stressful & uncomfortable.

Take care & all the best for 2016.

Kind Regards



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