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Swain''s Story

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Posted 04 November 2015 - 12:13 PM


Another Victim of ACC. (People-helping-People ? :).

My name is Shaun Hetherington,...andI buggered my spine,.... getting rid of Willlows, outta Te Anau Downs Bay,...East Lake;- Fjordland,....

back in winter rbf 1979,....under auspices of,...Internal Affairs Dept',...

and ofcourse covered under the 'Labourers Union', at the time,...and they were

most helpful in getting me,....I0.000 dollars for pain-and-suffering at the time-but lo little did we know,..that we had already been exposed to
some of the deadliest chemicals known to man,... which I kept a careful record of to date,....and as you might observe today,. We did a pretty good job,...for humble peons,....(tho all fit and strong with youth, at the time ),....

was not until a few weeks afterwards and when I was at home,..our

use to the Parks Board having long since ceased,...that I had my first bad turn,.-,

a stricture,. Where I was partially paralyzed,....but it wore off,...and thought

little of it,....then it returned periodically,...        Along with it, this infernal

itching of skin and electric shocks thru my lower legs,. But no return of

the frightful headaches we had experienced, after 10 am daily and return to work -
site,.., Te Anau Downs bay,....(where loopies kick off from,to commence the Milfordtram

After pestering my Doctor,...PG Snow of Tapanui,...(Bluemountains­Southern Otago),..he called in Prof' Aldrid,..the circuit specialist,...who took note of the lump already  starting on my  spine

-       .and posted me thru to Dunedin
Base Hospital to have the latest Myelogramme scam xray done,...it was here,...

. 1

that I first met the deadly,...Mylodil-dye,...(the oil based 'radio-active-dye,'

which supposedly, enhances images,...),..but it was no trouble,..as I fainted,

as soon as the needle entered my spine,— and they got'good-pictures'evidentlyl.

\ but told me,....I had loads of chemicals in my system,...(my retort was sharp,... I ain't no dopey friend, nor do I drink":, but they held firm,...that I had previously been exposed to ,chemicals,..."Hogwash":was my final parting shot


Tho I was not like my father,..serving the N.Z. Gov't in any sort of uniform, I felt a bit put upon,....but was quite prepared to trust myself,

\\1 into the hands of this new,....ACC,..which  Norm Kirk swore by,.... stating for

public media,..."Workers will get paid for their injuries, suffered on the job-'site,.... ";  but lo,..after waiting for nearly forty years now,...there has

been no[ Hearing,]..or any signs of 'COMPENSATIONS forthciming , instead all I get is lies and denials,...the lump on my lower left spine, just keeps. getting bigger and bigger, and altho I have confronted Labour Dept' Dr,Gollopp...they will not recognise my deformity,....but change the subject,— or try to distract the discourse away from my,..rather obvious deformity

Now what has stopped my body from the usual recovery process,...would that be,..that bloody myelogramme,..along with the radio active crap they shoved into me,     I’ll let you be the judge comrades,...."!

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Posted 21 November 2015 - 06:06 AM


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