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Holmes Show 2000

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 10:15 AM

The Holmes Show 2000


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Posted 13 October 2015 - 09:37 AM

Accident Rehabilitation & Compensation

Insurance Corporation


                                                                                   PAYMENT ADVICE Wanganui Branch

........................................                                                                                                          paid by               direct credit

NO 3LINE WANGANUI                                                                 reference----- ™

rd 12                                                                                                                                            bank acc(

WANGNAUI                                                 wg

Your entitlement to compensation for the period 25/05/80 to 07/08/96 amounts to $174922.41.
This was credited to your above account on 06/08/96. The details of your entitlement are as

Gross Entitlement Deductions— —____ Tax_________ Nett Entitlement

$215,253.46                        $0.00                  $40,331.05                             $174,922.41

Further payments will be made to this bank account each Wednesday for as long as incapacity
continues or until a change is made to any of the above amounts. You will be notified of such

It is your responsibility to send any further medical certificates promptly to this office as
payments cannot be continued beyond the period indicated by your latest medical certificate.
Should there be a change in your ability to earn, you must inform this office immediately so
that your entitlement to compensation can be reassessed.

'                                                                                                                                                          ..                                                          m

Please notify any change of address         Receipt Not 



Now I  will explain   this post  as  at  the moment  i can't upload  the Holms  show    STILL WORKING ON IT 


I had accident  while on duty in the  wellington fire service  Broken neck

​Lost  Home Marriage  and  thrown out on the street  with 5 young  children

ACC stopped  my ERC  earning  related  compassion  April 1980   reinstated  back on ERC April 1985   but  short on ERC  paying 80% of  my  80%   a shot  fall of  $97 pw  until 1996

I won in  high court  acc had  to pay back

ACC gave money  away  to Social  welfare  $46,000,00   Taxed me heavy  had  to pay Legal  aid back   legal fees   over long period  over $120.000.00

Went  for interest  over  the 16 year period   ACC paid on  the 7  8  1996  then  in  2000  wanted it  all back  plus  extra    went  to Holms  show  with it

ACC  did not  get money  back   but have  caused me  real heartache   and major problems   the money  brought me  a  home   which i lost because of  ACC


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